EIG - Eco Intelligent Growth


Grupo Construcía


EIG is part of Grupo Construcía since 2012. It works with the Group management towards its transformation to a new business model, based on the circular Economy, according to the Cradle to Cradle® principles. EIG has designed the roadmap, tools and methodologies to make this possible.

DELTA Development / Park 20/20 partner


EIG becomes Innovation Partner of Park 20/20 in 2016, working with Delta Development in the assessment of materials and products to be installed. The success of this collaboration has broaden the scope to other Delta Development projects, including Delta Development Germany.

C2CPII & Fashion Positive


As General Assessor, EIG Works closely with the C2CPII to promote Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM products program and initiatives. In 2015 EIG becomes part of Fashion Positive Initiative, working as General Assessor for several companies, both fashion brands and yarn manufacturers, to optimize products to achieve the highest possible level of Certification. EIG is also part of Built Positive, the new C2CPII initiative to transform the building sector.

Packaging Cluster (Catalonia)


The Packaging sector is critical for the low productivity of the resources used and its material intensity. Tones of valuable materials end up as waste after a single use cycle. For this reason EIG works with the Packaging Cluster and its members, joining forces and knowledge to find new intelligent solutions.

Cluster de Materials Avançats (Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia)


Innovation and optimization are required to enable materials cyclability. EIG as member of Cluster MAV takes part of R+D Projects and is up to date of the latest innovative solutions from a materials perspective.