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Plastics Strategy for Europe – What is it? -

We woke up on 2018 with the news of China banning the import of low quality waste and of plastic waste already piling up on the UK as a consequence. This hasn’t been the only news to come up regarding…

Copenhagen Fashion Summit: were fashion and consciousness meet -

This past spring was the 5th edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, an event that has become an international reference in sustainable fashion. This edition, inaugurated by Her Royal Majesty Princess Mary of Denmark has been 100% oriented to explore…

Open Source Seeds: protecting biodiversity -

Sounds absurd, isn't it? Open Source Seeds? Well it's not. According to the farmers responsible for the OSSI ( Open Source Seed Initiative ) "today, only a handful of companies account for most of the world’s commercial breeding and seed…

Catalonia joins CE100 -

Yesterday was finally formalized the entry of Catalonia to the CE100 ( Circular Economy * 100) . After long months of work in this direction , the Catalan government takes the lead of the región in the transformation towards this…

Lack of transparency in EPD’s & LCA’s -

We share with you here this interesting article of Perkins+Will, digging on the toxicity loophole of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) http://blog.perkinswill.com/fixing-toxic-loopholes-leed-v4-epds/

A legacy: Circular Economy. Videos of the event in Barcelona -

Here you will find the full video coverage of the event, where EIG and Implanta presented their proposal for design, construction and management of spaces, based on circular economy powered by Cradle to Cradle(R) http://youtu.be/DBT4mdaPTqM http://youtu.be/Hqan33EQ4Hc http://youtu.be/oPT8zBkSzf4 http://youtu.be/d8wEgx_8tFc