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<strong> <a href=go to link Available technology
Existing required tools for the development and implementation of processes."><strong> <a href=key Climate change
Earth is a battery that must be recharged with the proper nutrients. We locate the Carbon (CO2) in the soil, not in the Atmosphere and / or Ocean."><strong> <a href=key Cross-sector collaboration
Creation of new networks to enable the development of companies from multiple sectors"><strong> <a href=key Design for disassembly
The recovery and proper assessment of materials is key to present and future growth"><strong> <a href=key2 Financing opportunities
Several international organizations supporting innovative inicitives to create new business models."><strong> <a href=key Innovation in technology
Circular economy is based on continuous innovation. New technologies make possible the recovery and re-utilization of value materials."><strong> <a href=key2 Regeneration of environment
Human activity enables natural environment recovery and fostersbiodiversity."><strong> <a href=http://url.com Social Innovation
The benefits reach the entire community through a new social organization, creating new jobs and favorable conditions for the community."><strong> <a href=key Tighter regulations
Regulations as to reponsibility for the activity are becoming tighter every day and this trend will stay in the future.">