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Ecoenergética de Canarias

<strong>Climate change</strong><br>Earth is a battery that must be recharged with the proper nutrients. We locate the Carbon (CO2) in the soil, not in the Atmosphere and / or Ocean.<strong>Social Innovation</strong><br>The benefits reach the entire community
through a new social organization, creating
new jobs and favorable conditions for the
community.<strong>Innovation in technology</strong><br>Circular economy is based on continuous
innovation. New technologies make possible
the recovery and re-utilization of value
materials.<strong>Available technology</strong><br>Existing required tools for the development
and implementation of processes.<strong>Financing opportunities</strong><br>Several international organizations supporting
innovative inicitives to create new business

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
Analysis of biofuels production project from the perspective of circular economy.

The company is developing a biofuels production project to be implemented in Fuerteventura. It covers fundamental aspects related to the selection of the species -both from the perspective of environment and climate adaptation to local and non-food competition-, social aspects -as the farm being managed by staff with inclusion issues-, and general processes, from production to logistics.

EIG has conducted a detailed assessment based on the principles of circular economy and Cradle to Cradle®, developing an optimization roadmap for the next two years.