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Material Intelligence for Delta Development Group

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The recovery and proper assessment of materials is key to present and future growth"><strong> <a href=go site Tighter regulations
Regulations as to reponsibility for the activity are becoming tighter every day and this trend will stay in the future."><strong> <a href=source site Regeneration of environment
Human activity enables natural environment recovery and fostersbiodiversity."><strong> <a href=enter Available technology
Existing required tools for the development and implementation of processes.">

key2 Delta Development Group is the first real estate developer that only builds Cradle to Cradle inspired buildings and areas. Delta Development, together with William Mcdonough + Partners, Volker Wessels and Reggeborgh Groep, is the risopnsible for the first Cradle to Cradle inspired business environment: Park 2020 (www.park2020.com) , located at Hoofdorp, close to Amsterdam’s international airport.

key Since 2015 EIG is partner at Park 2020, conducting the assessment of products and materials that are potentially installed in Park’s buildings. Through a Cradle to Cradle Potential Screening, EIG determines the compatibility with the program’s main criteria, helping the project team in the decision making process.

EIG collaborates also in other Delta Netherlands and Germany developments, both assessing materials and creating a materials and products database that works as a selection tool.

The C2C Potential Screening is only a fast way to detect problematic issues, therefore manufacturers are always encouraged to properly assess their products through Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM in order to guarantee they are healthy and safe as well as fully recyclable at the end of use.



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