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Universidad EAN, Bogotá

<strong> <a href=key Climate change
Earth is a battery that must be recharged with the proper nutrients. We locate the Carbon (CO2) in the soil, not in the Atmosphere and / or Ocean."><strong> <a href=key2 Design for disassembly
The recovery and proper assessment of materials is key to present and future growth"><strong> <a href=key2 Tighter regulations
Regulations as to reponsibility for the activity are becoming tighter every day and this trend will stay in the future."><strong> <a href=key2 Social Innovation
The benefits reach the entire community through a new social organization, creating new jobs and favorable conditions for the community."><strong> <a href=follow site Regeneration of environment
Human activity enables natural environment recovery and fostersbiodiversity."><strong> <a href=key Available technology
Existing required tools for the development and implementation of processes.">

EAN University is one of the most relevant business schools in Colombia. Located in Bogotá, its goal is to boast entrepeneurship and innovation. Recently, it has created the Institute for Sustainable Entrepeneurship that is dedicated to create the context for the development of circular economy and Cradle to Cradle® inspired businessess.

EAN University wants to implement it’s vision to its own buildings. For this reason it has hired William McDonough+Partners -the American architect that has developed the Cradle to Cradle concept together with the German chemist Michael Braungart-  for the design of its new building at Bogotá’s campus. Of course, this new building will be a C2C® inspired project where materials’ selection has a relevant role. McDonough+Partners have trusted EIG for this task.

During the Design Phase EIG has contacted over 130 Colombian suppliers and pre-assessed almost 40 materials and products, to help the team in the decision making.