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Veritas Supermarkets

<strong>Climate change</strong><br>Earth is a battery that must be recharged with the proper nutrients. We locate the Carbon (CO2) in the soil, not in the Atmosphere and / or Ocean.<strong>Cross-sector collaboration</strong><br>Creation of new networks to enable the
development of companies from multiple sectors<strong>Tighter regulations</strong><br>Regulations as to reponsibility for the activity are
becoming tighter every day and this trend will
stay in the future.<strong>Social Innovation</strong><br>The benefits reach the entire community
through a new social organization, creating
new jobs and favorable conditions for the
community.<strong>Regeneration of environment</strong><br>Human activity enables natural environment
recovery and fostersbiodiversity.<strong>Financing opportunities</strong><br>Several international organizations supporting
innovative inicitives to create new business

Ecoveritas, organic food supermarket chain, is a company founded in 2002 by four Catalan families.

It was born with a goal: to make the best possible food available to everyone, offering the greatest variety of products at the best price and always with the ecological certification to guarantee healthy and tasty food.

Ecoveritas wants to align all companies procedures with its vision, therefore is working with EIG’s support, in measuring its impact to transform it into a positive one, as well as identifying strategies both for internal opperations and shops.

Ecoveritas obtained the CeroCO2 Organization award for 2016 and also for its artisan bread bar for 2015’s production.






Ecoveritas is the first supermarket in Europe to be certified as BCorporation.