EIG goes global

13 July 2021

EIG Goes Global

Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG) strengthens its executive structure and expands internationally

Global transitions spur internal changes

2021 is a year of significant changes and opportunities. Following a year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world prepares for a fresh, new start with an outlook that’s more aware of the need for collective, sustainable development

The circular economy has gained ground as a strategy to anchor our recovery with an eye toward the future, as exemplified by the European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan, which is linked to the block’s recovery funding.

Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG) spearheads the practical implementation of the circular economy from a cradle to cradle® perspective in Spain and has built a collaborative network on both local and international level. This network serves as an innovation incubator for several of the approaches and tools that are already shaping the real estate and construction sector — and these efforts have made it clear that the entire initiative must be taken a step further.

The circular economy that’s both global and local

One of the noteworthy learnings gained over practical experience in the industry and among its leading corporations is the importance of local factors. While the circular economy relies on a global reach to succeed, the individual characteristics of a given region or country are essential to make the entire system operate. That’s why EIG is embarking on an international expansion plan, in addition to its partnerships.

With EIG presence in strategic places, the firm can enhance its processes with administrative and cultural know-how and resources specific to each region.

The investment of Paris Fonds Vert, through Demeter Partners within Grupo Construcía — EIG’s strategic client and investor — is key to EIG’s implementation in France, the firm’s first milestone beyond the Iberian Peninsula.

Strengthening the executive structure

International growth requires a new executive structure and corresponding internal restructuring. It is for this reason that EIG has tapped Xavier Guzmán to be the firm’s new CEO. Xavier is an expert in impact investing who has already collaborated with EIG to develop tools and programs for business innovation. Starting June 1, 2021, he will be in charge of EIG’s expansion strategy and new business ventures, working together with EIG’s cofounder Ignasi Cubiñá, who will transition to the role of President. Ignasi’s responsibilities will be primarily focused on providing vision, guiding innovation, and developing the firm’s international network of collaborators.

Xavier Guzmán CEO
Xavier Guzmán CEO

More details to come soon.