Fashion Positive: Botto Giuseppe e Figli

Certified products:

  • Slowool 2/58 or 2/80 | Slowool light 2/48 2/30, Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver
  • Fair cashmere 2/28 and 2/48, Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze

The Italian firm Botto Giusseppe e Figli, with almost 150 years of history, has been dedicated from its origin to manufacture yarns of the highest quality. They are made of natural fibers such as wool, cashmere and silk, used by international luxury brands. Despite always being in the highest quality standards, Botto Giuseppe e Figli knows that the real quality lies beyond sensations. For this reason, for two years now, it has been working together with EIG in the optimization and certification of the products that make up its Naturalis Fibra collection.

Its change begins in 2015, when its client the American company Maiyet, decides to be part of the initiative Fashion Positive, certifying the cashmere yarn Fairyarn, produced by Botto Giuseppe e Figli. Since then, the family business has been 100% committed to the Cradle to Cradle approach, and continues to work to optimize its entire Naturalis Fibra line. The work is arduous and requires the revision of its entire supply chain, from the wool product to its own facilities, through dyeing processes, to ensure that its yarns do not contain any substance that is toxic or potentially dangerous to humans or the environment; that the animals that provide the raw material are treated with the care they deserve; that its supply chain respects social justice and environmental care. Botto Giuseppe is also concerned about the use of resources in its own facilities, using renewable energy in manufacturing and taking care of the quality of water and soils.