Socrates Building, circular construction in action

  • Project: New Construction Multi-purpose Building

  • Location: Viladecans, Barcelona

  • Developer: Inmobiliaria Gonsi

  • Architecht: Pich Architects

  • General Contractor: Construcía

  • Circular Economy Advisor: EIG

The Socrates building is a project led by the real estate company Gonsi, currently under construction. The building is located in Viladecans, an industrial área close to Barcelona city. The developer ‘s goal is to build the first building applying the circular economy in Spain.
To make it happen, Gonsi partnered with Spanish pioneers in the field. The architectural design is in charge of Pich Arquitects, Construcía is the general contractor and EIG is in charge of advising on the selection of materials and constructive solutions, as well as the development of the Material Passport.
The building is designed to favor natural light and access to views. All materials are reviewed according to the cradle to cradle criteria. Cradle to Cradle Certified(TM) products are preferred, which has motivated some suppliers to start evaluating their products.

Transparency for circularity

The circular economy implies a new model of relationships. Collaboration and trust are required to get the whole system to work. The Socrates Building team has decided to adopt an “open books” policy to be consistent with this approach. This means that everyone shares their numbers openly, in a decision-making process also open to dialogue.

Circular Methodology

Construcía applies its Lean2Cradle methodology in this unique project. Prefabricated, modular solutions, with healthy and cyclable materials, are applied at all levels. The work coordinated with EIG for the selection of materials and products, while facilitating decision-making on a day-to-day basis, allows gathering information for the preparation of the Material Passport, a fundamental tool to preserve the circularity of the project .

The Materials Passport

This tool developed by EIG is the central part of the Lean2Cradle methodology. The tool collects all the information of the products installed, including the defined circularity parameters (health, preferred cyclability pathways, use cycle, retained value, among others).

More information about the Materials Passport in this link