20 February 2020

EIG Team Building session at Mescladís Morrocan restaurant

Last Tuesday, Eco Intelligent Growth’s team was invited to a Moroccan food cooking class at Mescladís.

Mescladís is a space designed for cultural exchange with Moroccan immigrants that facilitates their social integration through gastronomy. This ensures workers motivation which made for a dynamic and fun experience for EIG.

Surrounded by the photographs and stories of these immigrants, chef Rilka -originally from Casablanca, Morocco- proudly presented a 3-dish traditional menu. All courses were prepared with locally grown ingredients, in hopes of promoting environmental awareness.

The menu consisted on:

  • Zaalouk (eggplant salad)
  • Crunchy chicken and almond riouates.
  • Ghreybas (coconut cookies)

After all the baking and roasting was done, the food was served and enjoyed by EIG’s team. The end of the day was celebrated with a traditional green and mint tea.