21 April 2020

EIG’s team presents a 100% free round of webinars

We are faced yet again with times full of uncertainty. This time is a global uncertainty that demands global solutions. Luckily EIG since its inception has had a global perception of the future without focusing on boarders but in having a socially fair and waste-free world.

Circular economy gives real solutions to different business sectors that can offer some solace when thinking about a post-pandemic world. Remember this is only one of our contingencies.

That is why EIG’s team came up with a round of weekly webinars to talk about specific issues related to fashion, Cradle to Cradle Certified and Build Environment, analyzed through case studies. All completely free. The program will be as follows:

Week 1 23/4 1:00 pm – Claudia Szerakowski: Design for Circularity: The Cradle to Cradle Perspective for the Future of Fashion & Textiles

Our Circular Fashion Consultant will explain how the fashion industry could benefit from circular solutions. Through some EIG own case studies she will show how an industry that mostly leaned on fast production without any accountability can be gradually transformed.

Week 2 29/4 3:00 pm – Ignasi Cubiñá: Why a Cradle to Cradle Circular Economy is a must now?

Ignasi Cubiñá, director of Eco Intelligent Growth, will highlight the importance of standardizing our circular efforts to get measurable and provable results through Cradle to Cradle Certified. He will share some explanations as to why this will play an important role in a post-pandemic world.

Week 3 06/5 3:00 pm – Ignasi Cubiñá: Saludable y circular: ¿qué significa en el contexto de la edificación?

This will be the only session in Spanish, led by our CEO Ignasi Cubiñá, and it will show how circularity is applied to Build Environment. Is one EIG’s strong suits after working as part of Grupo Construcía.

To register in any of the webinars you can send an email with your name + session /sessions you would like to join to info@ecointelligentgrowth.net and we will send you a link to connect. See you there!