16 January 2019

Plug-n-Harvest at Powerskin Conference 2019

Are you attending to Powerskin Conference 2019? Powerskin Conference shows the evolution of the functions and configurations that façades gained in the latest years. From their initial esthetic and insulating functions to the contribution to confort and air quality, building façades became real skins.

Verena Dannapfel of RWTH Aachen University will present the progress in the design of the active and modular façade system, within Plug-n-Harvest H2020 Project. The RWTH is in charge of the design of the ADBE modules that are to be part of the different configurations of the system. The goal is to enable the refurbishing of a wide range of buildings using the Plug-n-Harvest façade system as a second skin.

Plug-n-Harvest is designed to generate and manage energy, and integrates circular economy business models


You can see all details of the presentation at Powerskin here.


To read the full journal publication please follow this link