12 July 2018

Cradle to Cradle® Workshops in Barcelona

Experience how Cradle to Cradle Certified™ can activate the circular economy

Next September, Barcelona will host the Cradle to Cradle® community for a whole week. It will be an intense time, starting with 3 days of training for new advisors at the LCI, to give way to the HULA HOOP EXPERIENCE and the Accredited Assessors Annual Meeting later at the Design Hub.

On Wednesday 19th, the BCD, in collaboration with EIG and Grupo Construcia, organizes the HULA HOOP EXPERIENCE, which brings together various actions around the role of design in the circular economy. It’s the first edition and will host, for the first time in Barcelona, ​​3 Cradle to Cradle® workshops adressed to designers and other professionals. The workshops will work on the application of the Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ products program for the development of products and systems in a circular economy. They will be divided in 3 tracks: FASHION, BUILT ENVIRONMENT and PACKAGING, and will work on cases of use of the C2C® approach for the development of circular products.

The construction case will be in charge of Grupo Construcía, G-STAR RAW will lead the fashion workshop and Cafés Novell will explain its experience in packaging development. In addition, members of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute will share their experience, along with representatives of the value chain of each of the industries.

If you want to be part of HULA HOOP EXPERIENCE and see the full program of the day, you can click here

The Workshops

It is a three-hour working session in which participants will learn first-hand tools and methodologies to guide the analysis and research on potential solutions to the challenges posed by the companies in each track. The workshops will begin with the presentation of a case of real implementation and will have a panel of experts who will collaborate in the analysis and production of ideas.

During the process, participants will be able to learn about the Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ products program and to experiment with the application of the C2C® design methodology and approach as a tool for implementing the circular economy in real situation. The accredited assessors and C2CPII members will provide their guidance and expertise.

Fashion Workshop:
Case study: “The most sustainable Denim” G-Star Raw.
Collaborators: Asoc. Moda Sostenible, ByMyEco (denim cycling) / others to be confirmed.
Facilitator: Aglaia Gómez.

Built Environment Workshop:
Case study: Edificio Sócrates – Grupo Construcía (general contractor) / Gonsi (developer).
Collaborators: Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya / Others to be confirmed.
Facilitator: Cristina Sendra.

Packaging Workshop:
Case study: Biodegradable monodose capsules, Cafés Novell.
Collaborators: Sara Bergua (packaging designer / consultant) / Others to be confirmed.
Facilitator: Oriol Segarra.

* The workshops will be held in paralel, from 9.30 to 14.30h , therefore is possible to attent to 1 workshop only.

Places are limited. Opening and closig sessions will be open to public.