Designing and implementing the Cradle to Cradle Circular Economy

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We work to develop, implement and verify the transition towards a fairer and regenerative economy, for all.


Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.

Albert Einstein


Is the tool created by EIG in collaboration with Construcía that allows users to design, build and manage C2C circular buildings. It combines the benefits from Lean Construction and Cradle to Cradle to create healthy and perpetually cycable spaces.

Materials and Processes’ health

We identify inputs and outputs, optimize the chemistry and processes to preserve the valuable resources (natural, human and economic)

Circular Carbon Metrics

As W. McDonough says: “Carbon is not the enemy”. Since climate change became a global issue, it seems that Carbon is the only one to blame and phase out. But no Carbon, no Life.
We work on the development of new metrics to understand the impact of decisions in the carbon cycle by measuring it according to the principles stated by W.McDonough in “The New Language of Carbon” (2016 Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature).
Collaboration with Politecnico di Milano and Demetra.

Circular Passport

Is the database that compiles all the information of the materials and systems that are part of the building. All of the are characterized according to their health and circularity profiles, location in space, among other features. It enables the resource management through different use cycles. We’ve developed several supporting frameworks for different uses (together with Construciía and ITEC). We’re currently developing new improvements in partnership with Upcyclea, both for Product Passports and buildings’.

Value to Business Tool

C2C Circular decisions and strategies influence the assets value. We help you understand how by calculating the financial performance over mid/long term periods.
Collaboration with Impact Perceptions.

L2C True Value

L2C buildings create value to society and nature. We joined forces with KPMG Netherlands to adapt their True Value® methodology and understand the value generated -or reduced- by our buildings to society in financial terms.

Resource Management Platform

Circular economy needs traceability, new spaces and markets to recirculate materials. Our Circular Passport works together with Upcyclea’s traceability and resource management platform making the retrieval of value possible.

Regional Activation Programs

Understanding the resources and actors of the system, its strengths and capabilities is essential to make a scaled and real change possible.
We help design and implement the change through the stakeholder’s consensus and commitment. From training to action.

C2C Circular Economy

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

Peter Drucker

Become C2C Circular

From purpose to implementation strategies and follow-up metrics, we help companies to create a positive impact, based in C2C Circular Economy.

  • Roadmaps
  • Circularity Diagnosis
  • Action Plans
  • Businesses and products redesign
  • Material flow  analysis and management
  • Circular Resource Management
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Financial and non-financial reporting

Safe and circular products

We help improving your products to make them healthier and perpetually cycable guided by the Cradle to Cradle design framework.

  • Material Intelligence
  • Supply chain assessment and management
  • Design for Disassembly
  • Products Passports
  • Cycled Materials Brokerage Services
  • Material Health Assessment Reports
  • Transition towards Product as a Service

C2C Certified

Eco Intelligent Growth S.L. is an organization accredited to perform the assessment of products against the C2C Certified™ Products Program

Achievement Levels

Categorías de calidad

  • Material health

  • Material Reutilization

  • Renewable Energy

  • Water Stewardship

  • Social Fairness

The Safe & Circular Products Program

The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products program assesses products and helps design their optimization path towards safety and perpetual cyclability, based on five quality categories.
We work with companies of diverse sectors around the world to create products that make a positive difference.

Safe & Perpetually Cyclable Products

The program helps to optimize products to achieve true circularity.
It classifies products by their recirculation path; either Biological Nutrients (back to the soil to enrich it) or Technical Nutrients (back to the industry as valuable materials)
It has 5 achievement levels.

The C2CPII manages the certification program and watches the use of certification marks.