SOLITEK – The first EU solar panels C2C Certified Silver

Certified products:

  • SoliTek SOLID Module

High quality and efficient glass-glass solar modules that can be used for various applications such as rooftops, façades, carports, and ground-mounted.


  • Quality assurance

    Solitek aims to stand out their competitors by assessing the quality of their glass-glass solar panels against C2C Certified criteria

  • Transparency

    Understanding and optimizing ingredients health, exploring the collaboration opportunities with the supply chain,

  • Circularity

    To learn how to build and endlessly cycle the valuable materials that are part of Solitek products


  • Traceability

    98% of materials by weight assessed.

  • Supply Chain

    10 suppliers contacted with 80% of collaboration rate achieved.

  • Material Health

    Only Material Health quality category below Gold. Nutrient management plan outlined.

Key Learnings

Cyclability and transparency

There’s no circularity possible without transparency. To manage nutrients properly it is necessary to be able to properly identify them, wich is not possible without suppliers collaboration.


Beyond transparency, traceability is the name of the game in the circular economy. Circular Passports and Circular Nutrient Management are the future.