FINSA – Wood-based panels C2C Certified Bronze

Certified products:

  • PARTICLEBOARD and MELAMINE FACED PARTICLEBOARDS (PB/SUPERPAN): Standard, Fire retardant, Moisture resistant, EZ.
  • MDF and MELAMINE FACED MDF: Standard, Fire retardant, Fire retardant EZ, Moisture resistant, EZ, NAF, Exterior NAF, Fibracolour.
  • Particleboard /Superpan: 5 - 60 mm; MDF: 1,8 – 80 mm


  • Innovation

    To achieve a C2C Certified “building block” available for a wide rango of market applications

  • Transparency

    To include melamine finished panels

  • Scale

    To include both particleboards and MDF in order to cover the maximum possible applications.

Main challenges:

  • Material Health

    To assess the components of 13 particle board and MDF product families

  • Transparency

    To get the information and meet the requirements of the melamine coating

  • Scale

    Inclusion of 7 manufacturing sites: FINSA Santiago, FINSA Padrón, FINSA Cella, FINSA Fibranor, FINSA Orember (SP); FINSA France (FR); Luso FINSA (PT)).


  • Traceability

    at least 84% of substantances present in weight assessed

  • Scale

    964 commercial wood-based panels C2C Certified. Bronze available in the market

Key Learnings

Transparency is the key

  • To manage nutrients in the circular economy, it’s required the collaboration of all stakeholders.
  • Knowing the toxicity profile of product components allows companies to address problems in the right way and time.

Circular Business Model

  • When you know a product composition and cyclability path you can quantify its potential residual value, as long as its quality is protected.
  • Circularity is only possible if exist a tracking system in place (Circular Passport + Resource Management Platform).


Grouping too many families in one certificate makes results less accurate (global result is always the worst case).