TITAN – First non-mineral paint to achieve C2C Certified Gold level

Certified products:

  • Titan Natural P80N and R90N, White and over 400 NCS colors.
  • S90N TITAN NATURAL Fijador Interior/Exterior (primer)
  • TITANLUX Biosostenible, White and a short selection of colors

TITAN NATURAL is a range of ‘no mineral’ paints and coatings based on last technology biomass emulsions. Especially designed for use in construction and decoration. Suitable for walls and ceilings, facades, interior and exterior use.


  • Innovation

    All the paints certified at Gold level are mineral based. Industrias Titán wanted to certify an alternative to the most common acrylic paints, easy to apply for end consumers.

  • Transparency

    Understanding and optimizing ingredients health, exploring the collaboration opportunities with the supply chain,

  • Systemic approach

    To learn how to apply the C2C framework to create new safe and circular products.

Main challenges:

  • Traceability

    17 suppliers shared information on 19 different components

  • Optimization

    6 components faced-out, 50 individual substances assessed.

  • Impact

    Identification and engagement of suppliers aligned with company's goals

  • Innovation

    To develop and assess the first vegetal-resin based paint produced in Spain.


  • 100%

    Components are safe for humans and the environment

  • 100%

    Manufactured with renewable energy

  • 100%

    Of the water used in the process treated and re-used internally

Key Learnings


Petrol-based compounds are not easily biodegradable nor inert in the environment, therefore are not suitable for a circular model in this case.


Suppliers are keener to collaborate if they perceive they are contributing to innovate, understanding the importance of their role.

Systemic perspective

To achieve a successful circular business you have to include all stakeholders, from clients to end-users, collaborate and understand their needs and goals.