Today’s buildings are tomorrow’s quarries. (2008, C. Sendra)

The construction sector in the spotlight of climate action.

Each day, the European Union is advancing in the implementation of the Action Plan for a cleaner and more competitive Europe; the Green Deal. The construction sector is in the spotlight, along with other resource and energy intensive industries (some directly related), as the recently approved EU Sustainable Investment Taxonomy demonstrates.

At the same time, we have recently begun to experience the anticipated volatility in commodity prices.

How can innovation occur in a traditionally conservative sector?

How can the sector protect itself against regulatory and market risks?

If it is properly understood and applied, the circular economy can pave the way in this regard.

We’re practitioners of C2C Circular Construction

From design, to materials selection, construction and de-construction, the Built Environment has a huge circular potential.

Our many years experience working with amazing people gives us unique skills that combine knowledge and experience.

We understand buildings as material banks, so our services range from recovering the value of installed materials to preparing for their future management in refurbishment and new construction.

We’ve developed the methodology to make real a C2C circular construction, together with the tools and metrics to unlock all its potential.

  • Lean2Cradle®: is our methodology to design and build C2C Circular Construction projects.
  • Circular Diagnosis: we help you understand where you are, the value you can preserve and the opportunities to improve it.
  • Circular Passport: is the traceability tool that allows you to manage the circular value over time.
  • Value to Business: fed by the Circular Passport, our tool enables a financial approach to the benefits of circularity from a Real Estate perspective. It helps you to make decisions to preserve value mocking up the performance of several KPI’s (ROI, TIR, NPV, Residual Value).
  • Value to Society: the L2C True Value tool enables you to understand how your decisions affect society.
  • Circular Portfolio Management: we help you develop the strategy to keep up the value of your portfolio and measure the benefits for your business and society.

Real estate investments: How to maximise profit and build a future for all?

The European Union’s Green Taxonomy has become a standard for sustainable investments. How does it apply to the real estate sector?

Our Real Estate Positive Impact approach provides guidance on the application of the technical criteria as well as on the diagnosis of existing properties according to the Taxonomy.

Do you want to make a significant contribution to the global goals through your property or real estate investments? Here you can find out how: