GRUPO CONSTRUCÍA MADRID – Headquarters: L2C outstanding performance

  • L2C

Project: Major Renovation of office space

Location: Madrid, Spain

Area: 1.165 sqm

Architect: Construcía

Gral. Contractor: Construcia

Circular Economy Advisory: EIG

As part of its Roadmap to a Circular Business, Grupo Construcía refurbishes all its offices with the Lean2Cradle (L2C) methodology. The goal is to build safe spaces with cyclable materials that never become waste.

Grupo Construcia HQ in Madrid became a great success story. The refurbishing of the new space was completed in 3 moths, with the implication of several partners of Plataforma Construcía, trained in L2C.

EIG helped in the selection of safe materials according to C2C Certified Materials Health criteria, as well as advised in smart solutions to keep their value.

All these materials and products are characterized in the Circular Passport, to enable their management at the end of this first use cycle.



  • Healthy Space

    Construcia wants to provide a space that improves their employees wellbeing

  • No Waste

    All materials are to be cyclable.

  • Higher Value

    Construcia aims to increase the financial value of the space by making it healthy and cyclable.

Main challenges:

  • Time

    Construcia needs to move in 3 months. It required an intense lean planning

  • Suppliers

    Plataforma Construcia is to be alligned and applying L2C methodology

  • No Waste

    Circular paths for all materials as well as the inventory to create the circular passport are to be prepared in time


  • 97%

    of materials have been properly identified

  • 99%

    of materials have a circular path defined

  • 95%

    of the products are C2C Certified or validated for MH requirements for Basic level