TORRE D’ARA – Coworking Espai Open Mar

Project: Ara Open Mar, coworking space
Client: D’Ara Group
Location: Mataró, Barcelona, Spain
Area: 1.600 sqm
Date: April 2020
EIG role: Real Value Estate Project Management (coordination from concept design to commissioning), material intelligence, C2C circular advisory, L2C, circular passport.

Main challenges:

  • Budget & timing

    To run a L2C project from scratch, maintaining a budget equivalent to a non-circular project

  • Measure

    Understand the financial and social benefits according to relevant KPI's

  • Collaborative work

    Work with all the involved teams aligned to achieve the expected L2C implementation level.


  • 98%

    of materials installed are properly identified in the Circular Passport

  • 85%

    of the installed materials have a cycling path specified

  • 75%

    of the installed products meet C2C Certified Basic (or higher) requirements for Material Health.

The Torre d’Ara Coworking space is designed and built based on the principles of the Circular Economy, following the Lean2Cradle® methodology.
The project consists of multiple work areas adaptable to the needs of each company: private offices, meeting rooms, open space area, training rooms. It also has a terrace, a rest and coffee area, gardens and parking.
It is built on the ground floor of Torre d’Ara,
The space has been designed with healthy and cyclable materials, with flexible solutions that allow it to easily adapt to the changing needs of its occupants.