wallbox campus

WALLBOX – Campus Barcelona to set a new standard in circular innovation

Client: Wallbox
Project: major refurbishment of a former pharma facility into Campus Wallbox Barcelona Headquarters
Architect: External Reference and Edetco
Area: 12.000 sqm
Location: Barcelona, España
Date: December 2019, in progress

Main challenges:

  • Resiliency

    Wallbox is a start up with an amazing growth rate, therefore it needs flexibility to adapt the spaces to changing needs

  • Circularity

    is applied to achieve a better quality within the budget constraints

  • Innovation

    Translate Wallbox innovation at product level to its work spaces.

Main Achievements

  • Health

    The L2C methodology was applied. Many C2C Certified products were included, like Sitab partition walls, Arqustica's mobile partitions with Logrotex's insulation, Finsa and Honext boards, Vertisol screens, Tarkett parquet, Knauf gypsum partition walls, Verdtical greenwalls, Dynamobel furniture and more

  • Suppliers

    All these products were installed by educated suppliers, that have been trained in L2C practices to preserve the value of materials for next uses.

EIG’s role:

The EIG Real Value Estate team acts as Project Manager at the Campus Wallbox Barcelona refurbishing, guiding the project team to implement the L2C principles and methodology from Concept Design to use phase.

Main tasks & outputs:

Project Management, lead in circular business models implementation and negociation, Material Intelligence, Circular Passport, Circular Signature.

What’s next?

  • Resource management activation in myUpcyclea
  • Renewable power innovation for Wallbox offices and facility.