KINGSPAN – Access flooring panel C2C Certified Bronze

Certified products:

  • Raised Access Flooring Panels

Kingspan Raised Access Flooring Panels are C2C Certified Bronze. To achieve it, EIG worked with the Kingspan and its Suply Chain to assess chemicals present.


  • Health

    Review of the manufacturing process and composition of Kingspan's products for compatibility with the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard: Material Health Assessment of the main materials included in the Steel Encapsulated Floor Panel that are C2C Certified. 

  • Transparency

    Work with Kingspan and its Supply Chain to generate transparency and qualify for C2C Bronze level requirements.


  • >99% of materials

    in weight is properly identified.

  • Material Health

    100% of the product free of restricted substances.

  • Circular

    Minimum of 99% of the floor panel is Recyclable (wood and steel). Minimum of 52% of the panel come’s from responsible renewable source (FSC).

  • Energy

    100% of the used electricity comes from a renewable energy source.

Key Learnings