G-STAR RAW – The first C2C Certified denim fabric by Artistic Milliners

Certified products:

  • This fabric is currently covered by the G-Star certified garment.

In 2017 G-Star partnered with Artistic Milliners and EIG to develop the first ever Cradle to Cradle Gold level Certified™ ( C2C Certified ) denim fabric, in the framework of the Fashion Positive Initiative.
The goal was achieved after 6 intensive months of work, in which all the companies, local and global, supplying ingredients or chemicals used in the manufacturing of the denim fabric were involved and asked to contribute with valuable information to determine that the fabric, and its process, is healthy for people and the environment, according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program criteria.

Dylan fabric is composed of healthy materials, that can be relooped after their use. Artistic Milliners has the machinery and infrastructure to receive post-consumer recycled denim and transform it into new fiber to manufacture new denim products.
The manufacturing site has an internal wastewater treatment in continuous updating, which ensures that the quality of the effluent is the same or better than before it was used, and it’s the first garment factory to become LEED Certified in Pakistan.

In terms of energy, Artistic Milliners has strongly invested in the production of renewable energy with a new windfarm, which in addition is included in the Clean Development Mechanism offsetting Program.
Also the company has a strong commitment to improve the wellbeing of workers and the local community. One of the company’s strategies is the implementation of Women Empowerment Programs such as BSR’s HER Project, Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E. Program and Levi’s Worker Wellbeing Program in which worker women are taught various life skills to take charge of their work and personal lives.

The first Dylan Fabric, made of 100% GOTS certified cotton, received certification in November 2017.
After this achievement the company has continued its journey to a positive impact. In May 2018 Artistic Milliners has achieved Gold level certification also for Dylan Fabric with BCI cotton and with elastane.

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