BELUGA – The first denim C2C Certified Platinum fabric

Certified products:

  • Beluga Denim fabrics in multiple product variations. The fabric can be made from a combination of different sequences of warp and weft, with the same components.

Beluga is a range of Rajby Textile’s denim fabrics manufactured using a process and components, including fiber and chemicals, that are designed to be safe for people and the planet.

To meet the active cycling requirement, Rajby has committed to use the Beluga denim fabric exclusively in apparel products sold by retailers with take back programs in place and estimated expected cycling rates for such products. Rajby collaborated with C&A, which led the research and quantification for this initial certification through its “We Take it Back” Program and will track active cycling rates through this program.


  • Circularity

    To design future proof fully safe and circular denim products, involving the supply chain.

Main challenges:

  • Material Health

    Platinum level requires full identification and safety of all product components and process chemicals.

  • Active Recovery Rate

    The Platinum requirements under v3.1 of C2C Certified Standard require that the product is actively cycled, even requiring a rate. Because this is a B2B product, and had not yet been sold, Rajby had to partner with C&A and its takeback program provider to research an estimated recycling rate .

  • 100% Rapidly Renewable

    For Platinum level, the product must be made of 100% rapidly renewable materials in order to achieve the required score. EIG and Raby explored down the supply chain to ensure the final product consisted of only rapidly renewable (those with a growth cycle of <10 years) products.


  • 100% Safe

    of product components and process chemicals assessed at C2C Certified Platinum level

  • Innovation & Water Stewardship

    Closed-loop water cycle, achieved by the innovation and collaboration of the supply chain - Archroma Pakistan

  • Active Cycling

    Collaboration and agreement with C&A to active cycle the Beluga fabric through their take-back program.

  • Carbon Management

    Calculation of the full cradle to gate greenhouse gas emissions from field to final manufacturing with actual data

Key Learnings

Innovation & Collaboration

The circular economy is about thriving together.  Collaboration with supply chain and clients is the only way to achieve optimum results.

Social Impact

The C2C social fairness category acknowledges the certification holder’s social innovation projects, those that enrich the workers and their local communities through a variety of projects. It also helps us to understand issues in the local community which are very specific from place to place.