9 August 2019

Healthy and cyclable materials for indoor and outdoor air quality

Sustainable construction has been in the spotlight for the last decade, and the importance of selecting healthy (and cyclable) materials is a common topic. Lots of standards were developed around the world to verify buildings’ quality. LEED, BREEAM, WELL, DGNB and many others, all these programs look through different quality categories but at product level, the most recognized standard is Cradle to Cradle Certified.
In this article recently published by The Washington Post there’s a good review of the main factors to improve the indoor air quality by selecting healthy materials. It is stated the importance of third party verification to guarantee the accuracy of the information and easily identified good products.
In Spain, Grupo Construcia is building healthy and cyclable spaces by using the Lean2Cradle® methodology. It is based in Lean Construction and Cradle to Cradle strengths to address all the construction process from design to operation and deconstruction.
EIG and Construcía are also collaborating with other companies to develop metrics and tools to enable circular construction. We’ll soon explain more about it.

How do you deal with interior air quality? Which are the tools/ methodologies you think are relevant to select healthy and cyclable materials?

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