Botto Giuseppe Eco Intelligent Growth

BOTTO GIUSEPPE – A C2C Certified natural fiber range

Certified products:

  • Vendome - Naturalis Fibra
  • Slowool & Fair Fabrics
  • Naturalis Fibra
  • Slow Silk yarns
  • Pont Neuf RWS 2/45.000

Client: Botto Giuseppe e Figli S.P.A.

Project: Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold v3.1, with Material Health Platinum status for the following products:

  • Vendome – Naturalis Fibra
  • Slowool & Flair Fabrics
  • Naturalis Fibra
  • Slow Silk yarns
  • Pont Neuf RWS 2/45.000

Context: Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world and the environmental damage and impacts it generates are growing as the industry itself grows.

Botto Giuseppe is a premium yarn supply company with a strong commitment to sustainable fashion that proposes solutions and alternatives to mitigate these problems. For Botto Giuseppe, “sustainability is the new luxury”, which means producing and supplying materials for the creation of luxury goods in an environmentally friendly way.

In line with their commitment, they have set themselves the goal of making their entire yarn division sustainable by 2025.

Thus, in 2015 Botto Giuseppe became the first company to develop cashmere produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

Main challenges:

  • 100% sustainable by 2025

    To have all its products sustainable by 2025

Scope of the project: To assess Botto Giuseppe in the process of analysis and identification of all the components of the 5 products in order to achieve Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified® certification.

Step by step:

In 2017, they achieved the first C2C Certified® certification for their Naturalis Fibra product range, when there were still many limitations of sustainable products on the market. At that time there were no dyes certified to the C2C Certified® standard, so an exhaustive search for dyes potentially compatible with the Gold level of certification had to be carried out. Botto Giuseppe thus became the first company to produce C2C Certified® Gold certified materials for luxury brand garments.

Since then, EIG has accompanied them throughout the various certification processes, always seeking to ensure the health of people and the environment through their products. Today they already have five C2C Certified® Gold certifications, although all of them include Platinum in the Materials Health category.

  • Vendome – Naturalis Fibra: superfine yarn made from a blend of wool and cashmere.
  • Slowool & Flair Fabrics: superfine wool fabrics.
  • Naturalis Fibra: superfine natural wool yarn, of well-known origin.
  • Slow Silk yarns: natural silk yarns traditionally discarded as open cocoons but proven to have high qualities.
  • Pont Neuf RWS 2/45.000: superfine South African wool yarn.

These materials do not contain toxic substances that hinder their biodegradability and the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold v3.1 certification recognises their degree of circularity (Botto Giuseppe has recently been certified with the Global Recycle Standard for its ability to recover wool and reintroduce it into the production cycle), the use of renewable energies and the guarantee of animal welfare and land management. For Botto Giuseppe, animal welfare is an essential condition when choosing raw materials and these come from farms located in places regulated by specific regulations and certifications. Their commitment to traceability throughout the supply chain is fundamental and they only source materials from farms that are aligned with methods and practices that move towards regenerative animal husbandry, which safeguard animal welfare. This gives consumers full transparency about the products they choose, which generates greater confidence in their product selection.


  • 50%

    Today, almost 50% of the company's production is Cradle to Cradle Certified®.

  • Chemical components

    100% of the chemical components of the tested products have been identified.

  • Material Health Platinum

    All products have obtained Material Health Platinum, which implies that all substances and chemicals are healthy for people and the environment. The chemicals used to manufacture these products are safe for aquatic systems.

In addition, EIG has assessed another Botto Giuseppe product for Cradle to Cradle Certified® version 3.1 at Bronze level, the Montevideo TEC yarn, a combed merino wool yarn.