L’Escala, Girona, Spain
Status: LEED Gold certified
Rating system: LEED for New Construction & Major Renovation, v 2.2
Area: 3500sqm

This is the first Project completed by EIG. The owner’s intention was to place Hostal Empúries as an international benchmark in Green architecture and hotel management, supported by the most recognized international standards. To achieve these goals, the project team and owner, together with EIG, defined a Project inspired by Cradle to Cradle principles. As there is no C2C certification program for buildings, it was decided to apply to LEED Certification program, as the framework for the development, verification and assessment of works. Their result: the first LEED certified Gold hotel in Europe, as well as the first touristic project including C2C elements and circular economy solutions (C2C certified products, habitat regeneration, renewable energy, water cycle designed to enhance its productivity, holistic management of nutrients, added value for all stakeholders). The project preserves its dynamic and innovative approach even though EIG no longer collaborates with the current owner.