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C&A: The 1st C2C Certified Garment Collection

<strong>Climate change</strong><br>Earth is a battery that must be recharged with the proper nutrients. We locate the Carbon (CO2) in the soil, not in the Atmosphere and / or Ocean.<strong>Cross-sector collaboration</strong><br>Creation of new networks to enable the
development of companies from multiple sectors<strong>Design for disassembly</strong><br>The recovery and proper assessment of
materials is key to present and future growth<strong>Tighter regulations</strong><br>Regulations as to reponsibility for the activity are
becoming tighter every day and this trend will
stay in the future.<strong>Regeneration of environment</strong><br>Human activity enables natural environment
recovery and fostersbiodiversity.<strong>Financing opportunities</strong><br>Several international organizations supporting
innovative inicitives to create new business

In 2016, C&A, the Dutch fashion giant C&A, together with EIG, MBDC, and Fashion for Good, began their journey towards C2C Certified(TM) production of garments. The company created a roadmap to integrate the C2C principles into their company strategy, to put into action and build a new model of consumption of safe and circular products.

In 2017, the first t-shirts to achieve C2C Certified™ Gold were on the market. The organic cotton t-shirts, seek not only to be healthy for those who wear them, but also for producers, and at an affordable price for consumers. C&A also proposes several recirculation paths at the end of the use cycle, ranging from the return to Fashion for Good, to contribute in the research of new ways of recycling cottons, to domestic composting.

 Jeans for Good

EIG also played a central role in the assessment of the C2C Certified Gold range of denim jeans. We worked in the field and throughout the whole supply chain to investigate how healthy the input materials and chemicals are for people and the environment, how the products can be recovered after use to become new nutrients instead of waste, how water and energy are used and what is the quality of the effluents as well as the impacts of this production locally (workers, supply chain, local community).

This certification refers to the jeans produced by Pacific Jeans, company based in Bangladesh, with an outstanding performance in water stewardship and social fairness.

The first denim garments were certified on August 2018, achieving Gold level in four quality categories and Platinum in Material Health.


Read more about C&A’s journey towards C2C certification and how your product scores at the Fashion for Good resources library here.

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Cradle to Cradle Certified and C2C Certified are certification marks exclusively licensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.