COFIPULP – The home compostable cellulose coffee capsules


  • Innovation

    To develop a 100% biological nutrient compatible coffee capsule

  • Zero Waste

    Make it home compostable certified, to be sure it will never become waste.

Main challenges:

  • Compostability

    The barriers needed to preserve coffee's quality at high pressure and temperature are hard to combine with home compostability. The alternatives in the market are industrially compostable.


  • 100%

    home compostable mono-dose capsule.

  • 100%

    biological sourced (cellulose)

Hamer Packaging wants to explore the market opportunities for a home compostable coffe mono-dose capsule. Mono-dose capsules have a deep penetration in the Spanish market, being Nespresso machines the most present; but the main problem is that most of this capsules are made of aluminum and plastic. Eventhough Nespresso has a take back program, a hugh amount is not recovered estimatin 58t that becomes waste every day (aluminum and plastic).

EIG helps Hamer Packaging to understand the material health of their cellulose based capsule, selecting the better options and assessing them against the C2C Certified criteria for Material Health.

This project was funded by Agencia de Residuos de Catalunya and coordinated by the Catalan Packaging Cluster.

Read more in Spanish: Estudio de viabilidad comercial_COFIPULP