LEE – C2C Certified Gold garments for a world that works

Certified products:

  • Aureola denim garments, C2C Certified Gold
  • Nymph denim garments, C2C Certified Bronze

LeeWrangler Jeans develops Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold &  Bronze jeans in cooperation with Artistic Milliners.

Made from organic cotton, the selvedge jeans offer comfortable stretch and are 100% recyclable


  • Circularity

    To design future proof fully safe and circular denim products

Main challenges:

  • Health

    To develop high quality garments with healthy and circular materials

  • Optimization

    Work with the supply chain to expand the material health and circularity requirements to all the ingredients and accesories (bottons, yarns, labels, etc)

  • Impact

    To have a positive impact on society as part of Lee's program "For a world that works"(TM)


  • 100% Safe

    Aureola garments achieved Platinum in Material Health category, the highest possible score.

  • Collaboration

    The collaboration between Lee and Artistic Milliners, the Pakistany manufacturer, made it easier to design and develop the garments.

  • Use of Resources

    Water effluent quality is 100% optimized

Key Learnings

Supply chain collaboration

The cooperation between the brand and the manufaturer is a big step toward transparency upstream. Nevertheless,  it is also important to involve the previous tiers to arrive to the level of detail that C2C Certified requires.

Social Impact

Many facilities in Asia focus on worker physical health, but employee empowerment can go beyond. Artistic Milliners has several programs for women empowerment, from education to business initiatives.