Jornada Anual Comertia 2016_ Retail & Economía Circular

COMERTIA – Retail & Circular Economy

Comertia, Catalan Retailers Association, asked EIG to develop  aresearch study on the challenges and opportunities that the circular economy offers for the local retailers. Catalunya has embraced the circular economy in 2015 by signing its compromise with the Circular Economy 100 (CE100, EllenMacArthur Foundation). Since then, many municipalities has started to move towards the new model both by designing the context and encouraging the private sector.

Comertia foreseen the relevance of this new economy in the retail sector and decided to focus its research and annual event on it.

EIG conducted a quality study of the state of the art and the relevant challenges & opportunities for the retailer. The methodology applied for the analysis was ReSOLVE, in order to be aligned with the other studies conducted by the local administration, always framed by a Cradle to Cradle® perspective, The study includes also the suggested strategies for those aiming to start the path towards this new model

The study was published in a book format and distributed to all Comertia’s members. Its formal presentation took place in Comertia’s Annual Event at CosmoCaixa Barcelona, in November 9th 2016.