VERITAS – Carbon Footprint supermarkets

Understand the impact of the activity

Ecoveritas, an organic food supermarket chain, is a company founded in 2002 by four Catalan families.

With the aim of measuring the impact of its activity and working to improve it, Ecoveritas works with EIG in calculating the carbon footprint of its activity.

The work carried out on the 2015 data allows us to detect points of improvement in aspects related to packaging, energy, logistics, among others.

EIG provides a series of recommendations that allow reducing the carbon footprint by almost 40% between the first reference period (2015) and the last one verified by EIG (2018).

The carbon footprint of several products has also been measured, including the loaf of bread.

Green Procurement Guide

Among the main actions, EIG develops a guide for the selection of materials and suppliers in the different areas related to the usual activities of Ecoveritas.

The guide is based on the C2C principles and guides in terms of criteria, specific solutions on the market and solutions with future potential.

Ecoveritas is the first European supermarket chain to obtain BCorporations certification.