Honext_Wallbox Campus

HONEXT – C2C Certified Silver material made of waste

Certified products:

  • Honext Board

Honext is the C2C Certified Silver board made from paper industry’s waste. Honext boards recover the sludge from the paper manufacturing process, through an innovative process. All the cellulose is transformed into boards that do not require any binder additive. They are resistant to light, fire, do not emit VOCs (volatile organic components) and provide thermal and acoustic insulation.


  • Health

    Assessing Honext against the C2C Certified program requirements for recycled materials

  • Transparency

    Knowing and optimizing material ingredients as well as strengthen the collaboration with the supply chain.


  • >96% of materials

    in weight is properly identified.

  • Production process

    the production process has been exhaustively defined in the consultancy work prior to the evaluation

  • Water & energy

    The use of biogas ensures a renewable energy source. The water cycle is optimized to the maximum, meeting Platinum level requirements

Key Learnings


To obtain a marketable and homogeneous product from waste, a precise quantification of the raw material and additives is essential.


Honext is completely recyclable when it’s been properly managed. To make the circular economy possible, all materials are to be tracked and traced.